FRONT LACE WIG Long Panjang Ombre Ella Purple Pink


Material : Front lace wig, Synthetic fiber
Colors : Ombre Purple-Pink
Length : 70cm
Heat resistant up to 180⁰C
FREE 1 hairnet/wigcap (random)


*Silahkan pilih sesuai warna/model yang diinginkan.
*Foto produk asli. Warna mungkin sedikit berbeda dari tampilan akibat resolusi monitor komputer, pencahayaan, kualitas foto, dll.
*Apabila barang/varian kosong kami akan info via SMS atau WhatsApp.
* Please select according to variant color / model you desire.
* Real pictures of the product. Colors may slightly differ from the display due to the resolution of the computer monitor, lighting, photo quality, etc.
* If the variant is unavailable, we will info you via text messages or WhatsApp.

Additional information

Weight 320 g

FL778, FL842, FL843, FL057


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